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Well-rounded software engineering leader. I build collaborative, effective engineering teams and help develop leaders, all in service of making great products people love.

I foster a supportive environment, where being open and vulnerable leads to deeper connections, growth from taking risks, and a stronger team overall.

Software Development Manager - PayScale, Seattle, WA

Jan 2018 - Feb 2020

Led software development of SaaS business applications in Seattle. Led two distributed full-stack teams across 3 products and directly managed 7 engineers.

Focus was on leading development of a cloud-based pay cycle administration product. It was halfway through a complete rewrite when I was asked to take it over. Completed core functionality and addressed key performance, security, scalability, and stability issues while increasing test coverage and reducing the support cost.

Worked cross-team to create roadmaps balancing product and engineering needs. Delivered changes with the biggest impact while minimizing development cost.

Mentored managers across the company, including outside of engineering, and consistently received feedback that it made a positive impact in their leadership.

Designed and built a custom version of a flagship product, including migrating thousands of accounts to a new platform. I drove the project end-to-end, working directly with stakeholders at one of PayScale’s largest customers.

I served my team by encouraging leadership, collaboration, and personal initiative. Nurturing their development through regular 1:1s, career planning, and new experiences.

Software Development Manager - PayScale, Seattle, WA

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018

Led a team of 4 engineers responsible for serving ~3 million unique pages to tens of millions of visitors on payscale.com.

Increased front-end and server-side performance (nearly 2x faster).

Organized quarterly hack days, over a 3 year period, for the entire engineering org; many projects led to features in production.

Led the team in

  • Adding unique content that scales to millions of pages using, for example, PayScale survey data, user-generated content, machine learning, and public data sources.
  • Splitting a monolithic application into independent components
  • A/B testing features and SEO improvements.
  • Building games for cleaning and classifying data.

Web Architect - PayScale, Seattle, WA

Aug 2014 - Jan 2016

Principal-level role in charge of the front-end platform for all products.

Led adoption of React, Webpack, ES6, Sass. Set standards and the front-end roadmap. Promoted best practices.

Scaled the public site serving millions of pages each month using AWS CloudFront, S3, WAF, HAProxy.

Managed 1 engineer and 1 intern, mentored other engineers.

Senior Software Engineer - PayScale, Seattle, WA

May 2011 - Aug 2014

As a full-stack developer on SaaS business products I built major new features and overhauled existing services.

Identified a new source of revenue and created a brand new type of job. Presented my side project, web chat, to multiple levels of management across Product Development, Marketing, and Sales teams, convincing them to create a new division within Sales. I personally piloted chat directly with potential customers, contributing to $180,000+ in new opportunities over a two-week period.

Senior Software Engineer - Myspace, Seattle, WA

Oct 2010 - May 2011

Developed OpenSocial REST web services and APIs, including core functionality such as adding comments and accepting friend requests.

Software Design Engineer - Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Aug 2004 - Sept 2010

Developed primarily user-facing features on Bing Book Search v1.0, Academic Search v2.0, and Windows Vista/7/8. On Internet Explorer 9, I added fundamental HTML5 and SVG features such as SVG Gradient and contributed to GPU-accelerated rendering.


University of California, Santa Cruz
BS & MS, Computer Science


  • Leading distributed product development teams
  • Leadership development, mentoring
  • Agile Scrum and Kanban, scrum master
  • Technical: C#, .Net Core, C++, React, TypeScript / JavaScript, Node.js, Html, Css, Amazon Web Services / AWS, Microsoft Azure, CI/CD, Service-oriented architecture / Microservices, DevOps, Project Management
  • Working with diverse stakeholders
  • Effective communication and writing