A typical exchange completely between new account managers and the product development team for an internal tool:

AM: “Please grant me access”
Dev: “Done”
AM: “Thank you!”

Mechanical but it gets the job done and everyone moves on.

But what if we were a little playful? What does that bring out from everyone? I replied in the jesterly style of one of the dev leads and had a great surprise!

AM: “Please grant Rachel and me access”
Dev (me): “You and Rachel now have the power. Use it for good and not evil.”
AM: “I will only use my powers for good, I can’t tell you what Rachel will do however!”
AM Rachel: “Absolutely no promises! :)”
Another AM: “LOL best email of the day!”
Data Analyst: “Saw your support and sales response, and it was fantastic. You’re making the world a better place.”
Director. of Consulting: “Some days you make me smile super super big. Today is one of those days.”
Sr. VP of Sales: “:)”

With no extra effort beyond having fun thinking up a playful response, the exchange brightened up the day of not only the account managers but people in Sales, Data Sciences, Consulting, and of course yours truly on the product development team.